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New Business, Same Services

The economy changed in 2020 and I adjusted in 2021. I took it as an opportunity to take a break and restructure what I was doing. Over the span of the last 25 years I built business after business and enjoyed the challenge while taking pride in their longevity. It 2024, the break is over and instead of having several businesses, I decided to offer the same services under one umbrella.

What are the services and what is the company name?

The business name: Dameon Okposio Company

Services: Lectures and workshops on small business, life skills, aspects of the law and social engineering. Consulting and counseling. Publishing books, magazines, newsletters and promoting events.

Dameon Okposio
Dameon Okposio
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I spent my childhood in Foster Care under the Catholic Children’s Aid Society after running away from home at age ten. Using music and art as outlets, I co-founded a hip-hop group called E.P. (the Effervescent Play Posse) during my teens. Our performances, including one at Exhibition Place in Toronto, garnered attention, leading to a record contract offer. By age sixteen, I was living independently and working while exploring entrepreneurship. In my late teens, I began investing with a financial advisor, setting the stage for my financial future.
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