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Welcome to the Dameon Okposio website.

I am looking forward to giving you insight into the person and business mindset of a man on a mission to build himself and those around him. Check out the DO Blog often for interesting and insightful articles and feel free to reach out by phone or email, anytime.



I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, home of the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays. I ran away from home at the age of ten and grew up in Foster Care with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society. As a young person, I used music and art as a creative outlet and was part of a hip-hop group in my teens called E.P. (the Effervescent Play Posse). We performed numerous places including the Exhibition place in Toronto, and we were offered a record contract after that performance.

I moved out on my own at sixteen and worked consistently while also dabbling in small business and in my later teens obtained a financial advisor and started investing small amounts of money.

The Intrapreneur
and Entrepreneur

My biggest personal advantages are my ability to self learn and my determination. Due to several factors, I dropped out of high school in grade ten. When I could not find a full-time job, I would work up to three part time jobs at the same time. By the time I fell into a career at the age of twenty-two, I had worked in approximately forty jobs.

Found my

The title is a little bit of a misnomer because I did not find my passion but rather chose my passions. The things that were important to me were helping youth who grew up in a comparable situation to me, boxing and giving back. I would be able to DO these things consistently and simultaneously throughout my life.

I started working with youth in my teams, working as staff in group homes and foster homes and then started a one-to-one counselling business for youth. Securing contracts from youth organizations like Kennedy House and the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, allowed me to work with approximately two hundred youth, counselling them in anger management and life skills.

The sport of boxing was a great outlet for me. I began my amateur boxing career in my teens and fell in love with the sport. I studied as much as I could about the “Sweet Science” of pugilism and that led me to starting and running several businesses that revolved around the sport, running many of them for up to and over 20 years.

Below the Belt Boxing Magazine – started January 1999
Canada’s amateur and professional boxing magazine for 22 years.
Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame – obtained and became President in 2002

Honouring legends in the sport of boxing from Ontario.

DO Boxing Trade Show – Started in 2003

Bringing businesses in the sport of boxing together.

DO Boxing Newsletter – Started 2017

A free publication for the public to learn about the local fight scene.

DO Youth Boxing Scholarship

$500 scholarship for youth excelling in the sport and giving back to their community.

DO Media
Graphic design, video editing, photography.
DO Promotions

Promoting live amateur, professional boxing, fundraisers, dinners.

DO International Boxing Consulting

Providing career guidance for fighters, managers and promoters.

Canadian Round Card Girls
Modelling agency for ladies to work events and fights.
DO Boxing Training

Training amateur and professional boxers for competition.

DO Management

Managing amateur and professional athletes. Obtaining sponsorship and arranging competition.

DO Boxing Kit

A complete kit for beginners including gloves, handpads, mouthpiece, skipping rope and handwraps.

DO Boxing Sales
Selling boxing and fitness equipment (Iron Body Fitness brand).
DO Boxing Show (YouTube channel)
Over 700 episodes on boxing

Giving Back and
Paying it Forward

My philosophy on giving which has been crafted through trial and error, is to give to those that need and want help. Treat giving like a business so that it is sustainable. Lastly, do not loan money, either give it or teach someone how to make it.

Over the years I have partnered with groups like “Team Nobodys” to feed and cloth the homeless. Considering all of the initiatives that I’ve participated in; I have been most proud of the scholarships that I have provided. Initially, I gave scholarships out through the Hope for Children Foundation, and then started my own scholarship through my businesses.

I am looking forward to building businesses and helpful initiatives in the future and I welcome you to join me on my journey. – DO

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