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There is something magical about turning a thought or dream into reality. Promoting an event is like orchestrating a symphony. There are so many working parts to keep track of from conception to execution. People commit and drop out; you pay for tasks to get done and it’s late or not done as promised. You have to oversell, to get a decent turnout and you have to ensure that you provided the value you promised so that your customers will come back if you attempt to promote again.

It’s an exercise in determination, patience and follow through. As tough as it is, if you execute your plan, you build trust, character, respect, and a lifetime of memories. That is what draws me back to the challenge. When you see the words “DAMEON OKPOSIO PRESENTS” on a poster, or my logo, you’ll know that I’ve brought another dream to life. – DO

Dameon Okposio
Dameon Okposio
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I spent my childhood in Foster Care under the Catholic Children’s Aid Society after running away from home at age ten. Using music and art as outlets, I co-founded a hip-hop group called E.P. (the Effervescent Play Posse) during my teens. Our performances, including one at Exhibition Place in Toronto, garnered attention, leading to a record contract offer. By age sixteen, I was living independently and working while exploring entrepreneurship. In my late teens, I began investing with a financial advisor, setting the stage for my financial future.
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