Dameon OkposioHello, and welcome to I created this site to showcase my various business interests, to shed some light on who I am as a person and to answer the question I get from potential business partners, clients, or sponsors, “What have you done and why do you do it?” It is a valid question and this is my answer to you. Take your time to check out what I’ve been busy doing. Hopefully it will be informative and entertaining for you.

I was born in Toronto to a Nigerian father and Trinidadian mother. My childhood was less than ideal and at the age of 10 I ran away from home. I grew up in foster care and moved around from home to home. I’ve always had a creative side, writing stories as a kid I developed my own comic strip and sold it at school to kids for lunch money. At the age of 13, I wrote, directed and starred in a play for the Catholic Separate School Board while attending St. Leonard’s Catholic elementary school in North York.

At the age of 16, I moved out on my own. I worked part-time while going to school, and then dropped out of school in grade 10. I started counselling youth in 1986 for Catholic Children’s Aid and grew my business to counsel kids for other government agencies.

I was part of a hip-hop group in my teens called E.P. (Effervescent Play) Posse and steered them to a record deal in 1992. We disbanded and I started amateur boxing. Boxing became a passion and I created Below the Belt boxing magazine in 1999. The magazine went National in 2000.

I took over the Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame, a non-profit corporation, in 2002. We launched the first Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame: Boxing Consumer Trade Show in 2003. Over the years I have promoted amateur boxing matches, boxing trade shows and various other boxing events.

I’ve always been a self motivated, driven individual. I spend my spare time volunteering with youth and working with various agencies like MADD Canada. I became a MADD Canada Community Leader for Mississauga on September 24, 2010 and stepped down from that position on December 1, 2012.

I continue to look for new projects and enhance the current projects I am working on.

I would like to thank all of my past and present business partners, sponsors and supporters for assisting me in reaching my goals.

Dameon Okposio

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